Good habits build a great team.

Creating a pull request.

We're helping software development teams
grow professionally to stay engaged and happy.

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Accepting a code review nudge.

Time to take control of your career and happiness.

Software teams are trapped in a vicious cycle of managers being overwored and under-trained, and engineers missing professional growth, which leads to a counterproductive and unfulfilling work environment.

Botany is here to help you take charge. How?

Automate tasks for better productivity and higher team engagement.

By connecting to you existing tools and data sources, Botany creates actionable nudges to help you and your team grow skills, provides opportunities for feedback and collaboration and helps you get work done more effectively.

Create a support system.

Botany lets you, your team or manager know that help is needed when things are going wrong, and gives visibility and recognition when things are going right.

Have one less thing to worry about.

Botany automatically your profiles as you build habits and grow your skills. It continually learns how and when to best help you.

Make 1-on-1s more relevant.

Botany pre-populates important conversations, like 1-on-1s with all of the relevant information to ensure that meetings are productive and valuable without requiring tons of manual preparation and research.

Ready to start developing great habits?

Free for small teams for a limited time.